Talking EC2 at the latest AWS MeetUp in Karlsruhe

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After a successful AWS Summit in Berlin last week, msales was only too pleased to offer it’s office space in Karlsruhe to host the latest meetup of the Amazon Web Services usergroup. This time the topic of discussion would be EC2 or Elastic Compute Cloud.

As many of our attendees had visited the AWS summit in Berlin last week, we kicked off with a 20min recap discussion of the event.  After which, the first session of the evening got underway led by David from the DevOps team @msales, where he took us on a deep dive into the workings of the EC2 service in full detail.

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Then, the pizza’s and drinks arrived!

After a good filling, Timo from Filiadata led us into the second talk where he introduced the audience to foreman. His presentation included a short demo of how to provision and build virtual servers in environments like Amazon EC2.


Although there weren’t nearly as many people as the last  AWS meetup, we had some really good discussions during and after the talks.

We really love being a part of the AWS community in Germany and will continue to support events like this one. With location and food, with speakers, or, as happened this time, with both!

Till the next AWS meetup…..

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For your convenience the slides to the talk can be downloaded here:

deep dive into EC2 (PDF, 263 kB)

Managing Lifecycle management with foreman (TBA)

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