Software Development Meet Up – O’CoderFest #1

The first ever O’CoderFest took Katowice by storm!

The first event of the O’CoderFest series took place on the 6th of June 2017 at the Polish msales office in Katowice.

o'coderfest#1, msales,

The number of participants who enrolled and turned up was a positive surprise – we had the pleasure to host around 40 people

What was all the excitement about?
  1. FREE entrance
  2. Enough pizza, beer and softdrinks to keep even the most die-hard “code whisperer” content
  3. The best networking event in Katowice


The lectures devoted to interesting solutions attracted quite a lot of attention as they turned out to be an innovation in our area.

o'coderfest#1, msales

Here is a reminder of the topics discussed:

  • Sumo fights and Symfony forms – only one of those requires shoving {presented by Rafal Mnich}
  • Let’s push the assets to the front i.e. a few words about HTTP2 {presented by Mateusz Wadoń}
  • How to make a developer’s life easier – strategy pattern with the help of GrapesBundle {presented by Michał Kocztorz}


All attendees, eagerly took part in the discussions after each topic had been put forward.

Undoubtedly, it gave us a lot of inspiration and brought up new ideas for upcoming events.

The presentations were of an exceptionally high standard, arousing curiosity and making some of the guys dig deeper into the subjects.

Hopefully, during the next edition we will be able to invite other self-motivated developers to share their presentations together with us and let the event grow.

O’CoderFest#1 ended on an exceptionally positive note. We’re still collecting feedback from the participants who stressed the successful choice of topics and good organisation of the meetup.

Keep a lookout – we will be publishing the presentations soon…..

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