O’CoderFest #2 – Monitoring Systems Solutions

Yerba Mates and O’CoderFest #2

In true O’CoderFest style, the “code whisperers” put their stamp of approval on the 2nd meet up of the series – this time the focus was on monitoring systems solutions.


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Tuesday 12 September 2017 saw msales Poland host the second O’CoderFest meetup at our bigger, better, refurbished office. Even though the weather was terrible, we had a considerable turnout for the event.

Lively discussions evolved around each subject as they were presented, proving the growing interest in creative programming solutions.

We ended the session on a very healthy note, presenting our guests with their very own msales branded Yerba Mate cup complete with Bombilla – these went down a treat and you can get yours by attending our next O’CoderFest meetup – look out for the details.



Topics discussed:

Our way of system monitoring in application development (Mateusz Wadon)








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Timeseries – data visualisation in Grafana (Marek Szymeczko)








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PSR-3 logs using Monolog and Graylog (Mateusz Wadon)








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Feel free to download or share the Slideshare presentations.
We look forward to welcoming you again at the next O’CoderFest meet up.

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