DEVCAMP is where the code whisperers meet to discuss and share the latest developments in the world of software development and beyond. It is an open forum where attendees register for free and get to decide on the agenda for the day. The best part is that it is all voluntary, so anyone is able to put together their discussion and deliver it in 45 minute sessions.

The latest instalment took place on the 24th September 2016 and msales was well represented by Head of Software Development, Alex as well as Team Lead DevOps, David, who both delivered excellent presentations dropping nuggets of code wisdom that were eagerly picked up by the crowd in attendance.

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Alex, Head of Software Development, hosted a very engaging discussion around the pros and cons of utilising a microservice infrastructure. The need to deploy software systems independently of each other is very important here at msales and one of the main reasons for us implementing this microservice infrastructure. The discussion covered the benefits of distributing the different responsibilities into smaller services, thereby making it easier to add and amend functions within the system at any time.


For all the data aficionados, a demo session was then held by Team Lead DevOps, David, who went into how he uses these systems for querying and visualising time series and metrics. The stack combination of Grafana and Influxdb was discussed and some magic was revealed as to how to visualise systems and process performance more efficiently.


The day was full of great sessions touching on topics like container infrastructure, angular, react and graphql sparking conversations that continued over some well deserved grub and refreshments!

devcamp, msales, software developer

What were your thoughts on the event? Let us know….

Here’s to the next DEVCAMP session.

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