In a move almost as iconic as the Beatles crossing Abbey Road during the recording of their penultimate album, msales Poland crosses Mickiewicza Road as they head towards their new office location.

user acquisition, remnant traffic monetization, new office move

Fortunately, unlike the Beatles, this is not the end of the line but the start of a bright new chapter….. taking the technical prowess, that has become the trademark of our state-of-the-art user acquisition and remnant traffic monetization solutions, to a whole new level.

polish office move, remnant traffic monetization, user aqcuisition

Having outgrown their previous office space within just 8 months it was time to move on. Software developers need space to weave their magic and space they now have….

The success of msales as a business has lead to the team growing rapidly and in order to be able to continue providing industry-leading technical support and stay ahead of the game, it became necessary to find bigger, more suitable premises.

After months of hard work and planning, the team can now call Sobieskiego Road home. Looks like plenty coffee, beers and pizza were consumed to get there…

Enjoy the new offices!

About msales

msales is a global ad performance network that aims to provide advertisers with quality user acquisition, delivering the desired ROI and volume in any market. Over and above user acquisition, we provide a state-of-the-art traffic monetization solution, that makes sure you can monetize clicks from any device and any geo at any time of the day. We work with digital entertainment products from lifestyle to commerce to gaming and more on a CPI, CPA and CPL basis. Completely brand safe and used by the leading networks in the industry.

We have the best technology within the redirect network realm, providing outstanding growth and reach in the market. Our operation is highly efficient and based on a tech-driven monetization approach.

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