msales will be taking a bite out of the Big Apple in July 2016! For the first time ever Affiliate Summit East will see msales seated at one of their Meet Market Tables, number 115 to be exact.

Apparently, New Yorkers bite 10 times more people than sharks do in a year! listed that at number 19 as part of their 25 fascinating facts about New York City…luckily we are not New Yorkers, so don’t be scared to drop by and come talk Programmatic Traffic Monetization with us…you will be glad you did.

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Our Global Redirect solution automatically routes traffic to the best performing products, based on the real-time evaluation of each user click, dramatically improving yields and creating value for all network participants.

Combining global reach with access to almost all offers in the market, our technology guarantees to always find the “sweetspot” for your traffic – evaluating more than 16mio cross combinations in less than 50ms for every single user click!

Programmatic Traffic Monetization


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Three days full of insights, networking, innovation and three trade show areas, this going to be one massive conference!

So, come and meet us on 31st July 2016 at Meet Market Table 115 and find out how our Programmatic Traffic Monetization system will benefit you.

Looking forward to meeting you at Affiliate Summit East 2016.

About msales

msales is the leading programmatic traffic monetization platform for affiliate networks, ad networks and large publishers. By running 3,000 direct offers against 10’s of thousands of indirect targets, the platform is constantly auto-optimizing the traffic flow. The smart algorithms take into account all available metrics, simultaneously generating the highest yield for publishers and delivering the best quality traffic to advertisers.

We have the best technology amongst all redirect networks, providing outstanding growth and reach in the market. Our operation is highly efficient and based on a tech-driven monetization approach.

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